Angélica Morales

Angélica Morales (Teruel, 1970). A graduate in Ancient History from the University of Valencia. A diploma holder in hieroglyphic script from the San Vicente Ferrer Faculty of Theology in Valencia and in dramatic art from the Actors’ School in Valencia. She is an actress, theatre director and a writer. She is very much involved on social networks and every week posts poems and unpublished stories on her blog

She was awarded literary prizes such as XXVII Premio Nacional de Poesía “Poeta Mario López” 2019 in Bujalance (Córdoba),  Shortlisted for Premio Azorín de novela 2018 (Editorial Planeta),    XVII Premio de Poesía Vicente Núñez, of the Diputación de Córdoba 2017, Shortlisted for Premio Planeta de novela 2017,  XLVIII Premio Ciudad de Alcalá de Poesía 2017, 42 Premi Vila de Martorell (poetry) 2017, First prize in poetry in the IX Certamen Literario Internacional “Ángel Ganivet” de la Asociación de Países Amigos, (Helsinki, Finlandia) 2015. Among others she published the following books:  Mujeres rotas (a novel),  2018, España toda (a collection of  poems), 2018, and Palillos chinos (a novel), 2015.