Pere Cervantes

Pere Cervantes (Barcelona 1971) is a writer and scriptwriter. A graduate in law from UAB (Univeridad Autonoma de Barcelona) he was a Peacekeeping Observer for the ONU (United Nations Organization) in Kosovo (1999-2001) and for European Union in Bosnia Hercegovina (2002-2003). He is the author of the novels, La soledad de las ballenas (Editorial Corona Borealis, 2009), Rompeolas (Editorial Talentura Libros, 2013), No nos dejan ser niños (Ediciones B, La Trama, 2014), La Mirada de de Chapman (Ediciones B, La trama, 2016), Tres minutos de color (Editorial Alrevés, 2017) awarded the Best 2018 Noir Novel in the Cartagena Negra Festival and short-listed for the Casas Ahorcadas de Cuenca 2018 Prize, Golpes (Editorial Alrevés), awarded the Letras del Mediterráneo 2018 Prize for the best noir novel and the QUBO Prize 2018 de Narrativa and chosen the best 2018 novel by the Blog Chicas Britt. He has collaborated as scriptwriter of the feature film La soledad de las ballenas, of the Argentinian film director Rodolfo Cardenale as well as of the adapted scripts of Tres minutos de color and Golpes. He is currently working on a new novel.