Genre: Comedy drama

What would happen if a Brazilian young woman who created made-to-measure bras and corsets of all sizes and for a variety of purposes, suddenly appeared in a provincial Spanish town in the middle of 1978?

During the transition period in Spain (1978), an old imaginary Spanish town, Navaprieta welcomes with animosity the arrival of two Brazilian young women, Amarela with her son Ale and her boisterous and extravagant friend Rita.

The reason of their trip is to get the inheritance of Amarela’s father, which consists of a house, a dusty shop with spices and a small quantity of money.

Amarela, a quiet person, who has for years been sewing all kinds of bras tries not to attract too much attention in this parochial place but her colourful, unique bodices turn upside-down the world of the community, so rigid and biased, and lead to situations from purely absurd to most amusing. With the parish priest, the mayoress and the majority of the inhabitants against them, the two women will have to overcome many obstacles in their way.

From the great beyond, Leonora, the Spanish grandmother of Amarela, like an omnipresent spy, will comment on what is happening in the town with much humour and affection. From her chatter we will learn what’s cooking in almost every moment, even in the passionate romance Amarela and Rita will discover in Navaprieta.

Little by little, the woman in the town, usually untidy and dishevelled, who take some care about their appearance only on Sundays, will find in the seamstress and her colourful bras the courage and the strength to build up their self-esteem. Standing by the newly-learned outlook on life and fighting against the machismo and intolerance, they will convert Navaprieta into a perfect place for their original revolution: “to be women above all, unrepeatable, unique”.