Caino / Cain

Caino / Cain

Title: Caino / Cain
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Date of publication: November 2016
Pages: 480

A missing woman who disappeared ten years ago. An artist obsessed with only one masterpiece. A death row serial killer. A recurring number: 29. 

Veronika Evans, a controversial photojournalist and protector of noble causes does not want to collaborate with the NYPD ever again. She can still see that trail of blood from her last investigation, her heart is still filled with horror. To pull herself together, she goes to Greenland to do a documentary about the illegal slaughter of seals but the past catches up with her even in that distant  part of the world. Fisher, the director of the Detective Bureau, needs her in New York. At the feet of the stone lions of the Public Library, on a bench, the body of a woman has been found. She was sitting there, with make-up on, wearing an evening dress, a crime scene that looked like a piece of contemporary art installation. Any coincidence is excluded from the start: shortly the Library will inaugurate an artistic event, twinned with the Biennale of Venice. Fisher needs a pair of shrewd eyes to observe the scene in his place and Veronica has been included in the list of the invited VIPs. Meanwhile, the dead bodies treble in numbers. The modus operandi is the same, the message is clear though indecipherable for the moment. There appears a possible connection: a woman, who disappeared over ten years ago, but it is a false trail which leads to a serial killer known as the Taylor, awaiting execution by lethal injection. What is it that links Cain – the name Fisher gives to assassins still without identity – with the Taylor? The only recurring element is number 29, the date, which becomes a threat in the city of New York, in the maximum security prison in Virginia and in Venice. The day of the vengeance. The day of the execution. The day of the killing.

Cametti is the “little niece” of Agatha Christie

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In a couple of years Elisabetta Cametti has achieved the status of the grande dame of the Italian thriller

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Creative skills characterize personalities capable of adapting themselves to the changing scenarios of life. Take a good look at Veronika Evans: the protagonist of the thriller Cain by Elisabetta Cametti flies to Greenland to escape her past

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