Title: Cordelia
Genre: Police procedural
Publisher: Duomo Ediciones
Date of publication: February 2024
Pages: 400

An experienced mountaineer died in a snow storm. 

A young girl who disappeared decades ago.

The evil awakens again.

The body of a mountaineer appears in the San Miguel sanctuary, in the Aralar mountain range (Navarre). Everything seems to indicate that Cordelia, the destructive storm, was to blame for her death. But when the forensic scientist Aitor Intxaurraga goes to the scene, he discovers something strange about the woman’s body. Her death may not have been accidental. Why did she go to the mountains despite Cordelia’s possible risks? What did she do moments before she died?  Together with a veteran Ertzaintza inspector Jaime Otamendi and a marine biologist Eva San Pedro, Aitor will try to make headway against the clock in a case that will lead them to the Euskadi High Performance Centre and the dubious methods of its director. But in a setback, the investigation will take them back to a tragic accident in the past: the disappearance of a young woman from Barakaldo in the 1983 floods. Just a few days before the great sports gala in San Sebastian, none of them expect that finding the truth will open the door to a dark and elusive force that has remained hidden for so many years. Evil will reawaken.

Reminiscent of the great masters of Scandinavian noir, from Jo Nesbø to Stieg Larsson.

El Cultural

Highly disturbing.

Carmen Mola

A magnificent starring trio.

Arantxa Rufo