Genre: Police procedural
Publisher: PRHGE / Roja y Negra
Date of publication: 2021
Pages: 430
Rights sold: Italy/Giunti, France/Le Cherche Midi, Czech Rep./Dobrovsky

An old man turns himself over to the police, saying that he has abducted three persons: a judge, a lawyer and a young escort girl who was a witness in the court case of his son, accused of killing his wife. Convinced that the three of them were bribed to convict his son, he assures the police, the three of them will be left to die at a week’s intervals, if the real killers of his daughter-in-law are not detained.

Inspector Indira Ramos and her team will head the investigation into the abductees. They will try to find their whereabouts before the deadline given by the old man and then reopen the case of his daughter-in-law’s murder… and before long they will discover that nothing is as clear at it seemed at the beginning.


About the previous novel: Talión

“It will leave nobody indifferent…[…] Sure to become a bestseller.”

La Voz de Galicia

“A high-speed thriller.”

La Vanguardia

 “I stayed put at home the whole weekend devouring each page to figure out the end as quickly as possible. Santiago Díaz is a well-known scriptwriter of TV series and that can easily be noted on the pages of his book […]  Spectacular images, fast action and suspense, tremendous entertainment. […] When you open the book, do it on the day when you are free of any commitments. Believe me, you will thank me for that. “

Elena Lopez Ávila, Telva

I admire his novels, so noir, that always respond to moral issues all of us have raised.

Carmen Mola, El Mundo (“Five novels that the enigmatic Carmen Mola would take with her when going on vacation”)

A mysterious plot where nothing is what it seems and where time is running out. A story packed with artful (przebiegły) schemes that will not be resolved until the last page.

El Confidencial Digital

Fast-paced. […] A novel that does not run out of intensity and steam, builds up expectations to know the outcome and holds us entrapped in a case, from which, like in a matrioshka doll, there break away many other episodes, no less interesting.

Ana Rivera, Diario de Tarragona

Santiago Diaz, a writer who entered the Spanish noir genre with force.


I enjoyed it enormously. So much so that I would have liked to have written it myself.

Carmen Mola

It’s been a long time since I have last read a book so engrossing… I started and finished reading it in one day; it’s impossible to put it away.

Jordi Sanuy, Paranoia 68

An infinitely addictive literary puzzle. A perfectly structured plot… […] First-class entertainment. […] The four hundred pages seem short and are devoured in no time at all.

Lluis Llort, El Punt Avui

A black hole that attracts every ounce of the reader’s attention in a spiral of violence and action, magnificently depicted.

Ahora que Leo, La Sexta