El Gran Rojo / The Great Red

El Gran Rojo / The Great Red

Title: El Gran Rojo / The Great Red
Genre: Crime novel
Publisher: AdN (Hachette)
Date of publication: March 2021
Pages: 350

A fast-paced crime novel set in the city of Frankfurt and its streets of the Red Light District, the injection sites and shit coffee. The first installment of the Mainhattan Project protagonised  by the Spanish private investigator Mascarell.

Mascarell is the person you turn to when no other detective in the whole city wants to investigate a case you have to commission. Used to  moving around in the red district,  in supervised injection sites and some of the most foul-smelling joints (hovels) in Frankfurt, his reputation among  all the weirdos in the neighbourhood grows unceasingly. This time, however, the task he is about to take on is most unusual  and too well-paid to be legal. Even so, he accepts it. During the investigation he will meet Ayala, a young girl, who wants to find out the truth about the death of her brother and untangle the murky business he was implicated in before he died.

The case will take them to the other side of Frankfurt, a European Manhattan, and show them from close up the beast that lives in the shade of the skyscrapers. Everybody knows too well who The Great Red is and what he is capable of, to make sure that nothing and nobody threatens the good health condition of the business he is conducting.

The return of Benito Olmo to our bookstores is an indisputable sign that in 2021 everything will get better.

César Pérez Gellida

A stunning noir novel, extremely well plotted. Do not miss it.

Juan Gómez-Jurado

An iceberg of sex, crime and greed


A gripping journey that confirms Benito Olmo as a master storyteller


A work that proves and confirms what Víctor del Árbol said in his day: "Benito Olmo has earned a place among the writers of the genre

QUE LEER, Book Magazine

Injection sites, crime and skyscrapers make up the decadent triad of El Gran Rojo