El jardín de las mujeres Verelli / The Garden of the Verellis

El jardín de las mujeres Verelli / The Garden of the Verellis

Title: El jardín de las mujeres Verelli / The Garden of the Verellis
Genre: Women’s fiction
Publisher: Plaza y Janes (PRHGE)
Date of publication: October 2019
Pages: 560
Rights sold: Germany/Blanvalet, Italy/Giunti, Poland/Rebis

A family of absent men and courageous women. A legacy which contains valuable lessons. An opportunity to a new start. A voyage in search of the simplest way of living.

Gianna has been living with her grandmother in the back room of La Cucina dei Fiori, an Italian Deli in Barcelona. She knows nothing of her family’s past. But on the night when her grandmother dies, she finds among her things the key to a windmill situated in a small village in the north of Italy and a diary of her great grandmother, Anice, with missing pages. When her life seems to fall apart, Gianna finds in the history of her great grandmother the inspiration to start again and sets out for Italy in search of her roots. Through this journey we get to know Anice, her almost magical relation with nature, the story of her love disrupted by the outbreak of the Great War and mysterious reasons why she had to abandon everything. But at the same time, we accompany Gianna in the passage of personal rediscovery and in what really is important in life: love, friendship and a place to call home.

El jardin de las mujeres Verelli is a novel with perfectly portrayed strong feminine characters.

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El jardin de las mujeres Verelli by Carla Montero, is an emotional narrative where the past and the present blend harmoniously together to find the right road towards happiness.


This novel is a hymn to the family, the dedication, the courage and passions which move the world.

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There is a bit of everything in this novel, mystery, love, friendship, a singular union with nature and it is full of culinary smells and tastes.

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Carla Montero gives us a simple story, moving and irresistible, with beautifully outlined, unforgettable characters in which women assume a prominent role in finding their own place in a man’s world.

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It is a book which promotes the figure of a woman by portraying an array of strong characters.

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