El viñedo de la luna  / The Moon Vineyard

El viñedo de la luna / The Moon Vineyard

Title: El viñedo de la luna / The Moon Vineyard
Genre: Historical Women’s Fiction
Publisher: Plaza&Janes (PRHGE)
Date of publication: January 2024
Pages: 581

A family ravaged by the Nazi occupation.

A Spanish exile in pursuit of the most valuable wine treasure in the world.

A love triangle marked by duty, loyalty and passion.

Following her hasty marriage to Octave de Fonneuve, Aldara, a refugee from the Civil War, arrives at the Domaine de Clair de Lune, an important winery in Burgundy. When war breaks out in France, her husband is taken prisoner, leaving her alone to face her father-in-law’s misgivings, her brother-in-law’s harassment and the German occupation. With everything against her, her love and loyalty to Octave will drive her to taking over a business threatened by the plundering of the Nazis. However, her determination will be tested when two men appear: a German lieutenant, who is staying at the mansion, and an Allied pilot, whom she hides from the Gestapo. Involved in the French Resistance, trapped by the intrigues and secrets of her in-laws and haunted by the ghosts of her past, Aldara must do all she can to survive one of the most difficult and exciting times in history.