Ella lo sabe / She Knows it

Ella lo sabe / She Knows it

Title: Ella lo sabe / She Knows it
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Ediciones B
Date of publication: June 2017
Pages: 450
Rights sold: Italia/Piemme, Polonia/Albatros, Czech Rep./Albatros

Do we really know the people who surround us? Perhaps, deep down, we prefer not see the reality so that we can create a world after our own heart where we feel comfortable. To what extent is Andrea conscious of what is occurring around her? Does she know?

 Looking from the kitchen window of her house in a quiet residential area on the outskirts of Barcelona, Andrea has a feeling that nothing ever happens. While her husband, Nico is in the office, Andrea spends her time contemplating the life of her neighbours, especially the life of the model marriage of María and Carlos. She has been living here for two years, since the time when she left her flat in Santa Anna Street, in Barcelona after her dear neighbour and confidant, Clara, died from an overdose of heroin. Since then she has been taking tranquillizers with coffee and whisky. She knows she should give up the habit because her greatest desire is to have a baby but in spite of medical care she cannot get pregnant. Her boring daily routine is interrupted by the unexpected arrival from San Francisco of her brother-in-law, Victor. He is an enigmatic character who allegedly has murdered an influential American businessman. Once, in the early hours of the morning, Andrea can see María leaving her home in the company of Victor. He comes back, she does not. Andrea’s curiosity is aroused and she decides to investigate. But she will pay a high price for her curiosity. María’s name is not María, Carlos turns out to be a wife-beater and none of those who surround her, not even her husband, are what they appear to be.

The new Queen of the International Domestic Noir is Spanish. Get ready to be hooked


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