Flor Seca / A Dry Flower

Flor Seca / A Dry Flower

Title: Flor Seca / A Dry Flower
Genre: Thriller – Sofia Valle Saga
Publisher: Alrevés
Date of publication: March 2017
Pages: 296

The second instalment of the series with Judge Sofia Valle. The discovery of the body of a woman, covered with lavender petals and with her face brutally smashed will bring to light the case of corruption in the headquarters of the National Police Force in Barcelona.

Sofía Valle, the judge who is assigned to the case, would rather like to move forward in her professional and personal life but this investigation conducted together with Mossos d’Esquadra, will command her attention and raise many doubts. Some suspicion will even fall on her friend and colleague Rivas, a policeman, who will be given an important mission to find out who pulls the strings of the plot.

The investigators encounter many difficulties but for Anna and Víctor, two young National Police Officers, the case will turn out to be a particularly hard puzzle to solve, not devoid of danger. When two different forces suspect one another mutual distrust emerges on both sides.

Looming over them is the sinister shadow of those who take advantage of human weaknesses in order to obtain money and power. Nobody is safe, everybody has their price, very often much too high.

An analysis of a human soul and a proof that we all have a price which depends on the circumstances we are in. A real pleasure to read


The plot of the book revolves around the “small-scale” corruption which we may come across every day. Though of lesser economic proportions and much less spectacular the damage it causes is equally or even more serious, especially psychological harm in the family and work setting


Flor seca is a detective novel which will not leave you indifferent. Highly descriptive, with skillfully devised characters it captures us like a spider’s web between intrigues, secrets, trustworthy people and a flood of doubts