Hija de la lluvia / Daughter of The Rain

Hija de la lluvia / Daughter of The Rain

Title: Hija de la lluvia / Daughter of The Rain
Genre: Contemporary Novel
Publisher: Espasa (Grupo Planeta)
Date of publication: May 2023
Pages: 300

The curse torments the Agirregoitia family and penetrates their life as deeply as the rain in the vineyards of Alava.

Twelve years ago, Ainize left Artziniega and lost all contact with her family: with her father, Ramón Agirregoitia, the valley’s small vine-grower, who had withdrawn into himself since his wife left them; with Gorka, her twin brother, who had been her inseparable childhood companion, and with Elsa, the woman who looked after the house and all of them as if they were her own family. Ainize left to escape the madness that has resonated within the walls of Haize Hegoa, the family mansion, for generations, and now lives in Paris with Pierre, the owner of an art gallery. She does not regret having left the valley where it always rains. She does not even regret having broken up with Haritz, her childhood friend, her teenage love, the boy capable of taking her out of her world, for whom she would have given everything… except her life.

About to open her first exhibition, Ainize receives a call from Elsa: she has to return to Artziniega urgently because her father has died; the evil spell has finally caught up with him and there are decisions to be made about the inheritance. Back in the ramshackle mansion, in the neglected vineyard, Ainize has to face her fears again and play a strange chess game against an invisible opponent who only seems to exist in her mind and against a love that still lingers in her heart.

After the remarkable success of her previous novels, Haizea López, also known as Búho, returns to the psychological thriller with this family drama that threatens her protagonists’ capacity to love in the Alava green with vines and grey with rain.