I Guardiani della Storia / The Guardians of History

I Guardiani della Storia / The Guardians of History

Title: I Guardiani della Storia / The Guardians of History
Genre: Mystery Thriller Series K
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Date of publication: October 2013
Pages: 576
Rights sold: Spain/Planeta, US/Amazon

A woman fighting against implacable fate. A big multinational company involved in the archaeological intrigue. Unacknowledged truth leading into the very heart of an ancient civilization. Greed, courage, passion, terror: Elisabetta Cametti has written a masterful and hypnotic thriller, with exceptional measure of rhythm and tension.

Blond, charming and a fighter, wearing high heels, sleeping only four hours and an animal lover, especially her beautiful black cat, the only living being that shares her London flat. This is Katherine Sinclaire, the general director of 9Sense Publishing, one of the most important publishing houses in the world. She will not hold the post for a long time because the empire is on the point of collapse. Summoned urgently to a meeting by Bruce Aron, the managing director, Katherine encounters a hair-raising scene: Bruce’s fatally wounded body seemingly done in by his own hand. Before dying he has left her a USB drive with the word “Fighter”, her nickname. This is the first in a long series of clues, each of them more disturbing than the other, which will take her to the Bolsena Lake, one of the most mysterious archaeological sites in history. Accompanied by a rather withdrawn Jethro Blake, Katherine will descend into the bowels of the earth in the middle of an obscure ritual of one of the most fascinating civilizations, the Etruscans. But what is it that links the 9Sense Publishing with this unexplored site? What was the secret of Bruce? And what terrible sacrifice is about to be performed?

The female counterpart of Robert Langdon, the hero of Dan Brown’s novels, is Katherine Sinclaire. Blond, fighting and armed with high heels.

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