Il regista / The Director

Il regista / The Director

Title: Il regista / The Director
Genre: Thriller / Serie 29
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Date of publication: November 2015
Pages: 384

29 hours to survive, 29 hours to take revenge, 29 hours to counteract a criminal plan, 29 hours of live terror. 

New York, now. Veronika Evans is a photojournalist who portrays the dregs of society in this big city. Her shocking photographs obtain millions of views daily, dozens of tweets per hour and a surge of followers amongst whom anybody can hide. The NYPD profiler, Barbara Shiller carries out the criminal investigation of this multiple homicide case.

It is her chance to redeem her career from a terrible error of judgement she has made. A year after the last Emmy Award Winner talk show, the police find the dead bodies of the other participants in the show. Veronica is one of the suspects. Apart from her, a war reporter and a famous lawyer, the owner of the rival photo agency, Derek Crane are also investigated. And even the talk show host comes under suspicion. All of them have got a watertight alibi and all of them have a troubled past. All are potential executioners. All are potential victims. The evidence accumulates but does not establish any motive. There remain 29 hours of the countdown: in the escalation of violence and terror there appears the silhouette of the Director and his incredible homicidal strategy which will certainly add a new page in the history of crime.

High Tension, a story contained in twenty-nine hours. Cametti’s great skill lies in having created a perfect mechanism in which all the pieces fit together.

Corriere della Sera

29 hours seem a short time but it becomes eternity when it separates you from death. From the revenge you have always desired to exact. Or from the solution of an enigma launched by a serial killer, who spreads terror. A masterly thriller with two powerful women at the helm


It is a blood-curdling story that revolves around the number favoured by real-life criminals. Elisabeta Cametti tells us how some of them have committed their first murder at the age of 29 and that the average number of their crimes is 29