Las hijas de la tierra / The Daughters of the Land

Las hijas de la tierra / The Daughters of the Land

Title: Las hijas de la tierra / The Daughters of the Land
Genre: Women’s fiction / Family Saga
Publisher: PRH/Ediciones B
Date of publication: September 2019
Rights sold: Poland/Albatros

After the spectacular success of her  debut novel The Forest Knows Your Name, with over 100,000 copies and translation and audio-visual rights sold, Alaitz Leceaga returns with an excellent novel recounting the beginnings of the most important wineries of La Rioja at the end of the 19th century.

In The Daughters of the Land the readers will again find powerful women, attractive settings, intriguing family mystery and expressive prose.  

The year of 1889, La Rioja. There are some people who say that a curse hangs over the vineyards, infertile for years, on the property of Las Urracas. While for the big wineries in the region it is the beginning of their golden age, Gloria, a young daughter of the owner, languishes in the old family mansion foreseeing another autumn without harvest.

Oppressed by a cruel aunt and with an absent father, Gloria will see how her life changes from one day to the next when she becomes the head of the family business. In that moment a long battle will begin with the wine producers and local bigwigs who cannot conceive that their rival could be a woman. And much less one who puts in doubt their old privileges.

With the help of her sisters Gloria will fight for the recovery of the glory of her vineyards and at the same time she will get to the bottom of the secrets hidden in closed rooms and infertile land in Las Urracas estate.

In the shadow of a curse, unafraid of anything and anybody, the female protagonists of this novel will struggle for the power which is their due.