Las otras niñas / The Other Girls

Las otras niñas / The Other Girls

Title: Las otras niñas / The Other Girls
Genre: Crime novel / Police procedural
Publisher: Roja&Negra (PRHGE)
Date of publication: January 2022
Pages: 330

Indira Ramos Series 2

The most famous crime in the history of Spain fell under the statute of limitations. But a serial murderer will always kill again. Indira Ramos and her brigade will have to find the victims in order to capture the killer.

Thirty years ago a brutal murder shocked Spanish public. The killer was never captured. Until now. Inspector Indira Ramos has spent the last three years on unpaid leave in her native Extremadura. Apart from her family, nobody knows that she has given birth to a girl, Alba, the matter kept secret from deputy inspector Iván Moreno, the father of her daughter. When in December 2022 the time comes to rejoin the staff of the police station in Madrid, she feels demotivated and is ready to give up her job. She is unable to face Iván whom she blames for the death of her friend, Dani. Neither of them still know that they will have to solve the biggest criminal brain teaser in the history of modern Spain: at a petrol station there were found the fingerprints of the one who has been for years the most wanted man in the country. As the brutal killing is now prescriptive, there is no reason for the police to detain the main suspect of the crime who now lives under an assumed identity. But Inspector Ramos is convinced that a killer will always commit another murder. She only needs to find the crime for which he will not go unpunished.

An author who is gaining his place as one of the leading figures in the new Spanish crime novels.

The Objective

A black hole that grabs every atom of the reader’s attention and plunges him into a spiral of violence and action exceptionally told.

La Sexta

Santiago Diaz dares what no one has ever dared before. Brilliant.

Carmen Mola

Torturing the past, Santiago Diaz manages to tear you up inside so that you won’t be able to stop reading.

Cėsar Pėrez Gellida