Las voces de Carol / Carol’s Voices

Las voces de Carol / Carol’s Voices

Title: Las voces de Carol / Carol’s Voices
Genre: Psychological thriller
Publisher: PRH / Ediciones B
Date of publication: September 2018
Pages: 450

A victim trapped in her own mind. A police inspector who oversteps all limits.  A psychological thriller that breaks the rules of the genre by moving along the thin line which separates reality from madness.

 The case of Abril Zondervan deeply affects public opinion: the internationally famous writer was found dead in her house in Málaga without any visible signs of violence. Who could have killed her, if it can indeed be treated as murder?

Inspector Carol Medina is put in charge of the investigation. She takes her job very seriously and sometimes departs from the established course of action. Those who know her well realize that this obsessive commitment to work is an excuse for not doing anything about her chaotic private life.  When she is not busy with her investigations or with the old motorcycle she has been trying to repair for months, she recollects another death which moved her tremendously. Now the case of the dead writer will open for her the door to the world of madness in which the inspector, without being aware of it, will feel comfortable. When Carol discovers that Abril Zondervan, diagnosed with schizophrenia, was not treated for years, she decides to enter – through her last book – the fascinating mind of the victim in order to find out what led to her death. Through the voices she heard the writer learned to convert the complexity of her mind into first class literary material.

In the city of Málaga which hides the dark side under its bright appearance, Carol will carry on the investigation full of obstacles, sudden twists and surprises in a thriller which totally engrosses the reader in the plot until the unexpected ending on the final pages.

A fast-paced, exciting story.

La Vanguardia

An addictive novel, you will not put it down until the very end

Librería Picasso

I am familiar with the creative process of Clara Peñaver, I have observed it closely on three occasions. She observes with patience the case of her interest until she finds the exact angle from which she can tackle it, usually a point of view nobody has dealt with before: sombre, unexpected, painful, emotional. Then she eats into it, grinds it, masticates and tastes it until the words acquire a new harmony that before only existed in her head. In her meticulous so real stories I could never find a fissure or, naturally, a contradiction. Clara Peñalver is an alien of her own stories. She introduces herself into a subject until she reaches the very core, and stays there obsessively exploring the organs and analysing the ins and outs in order to fuse herself with the story. This is why her narrative is so real. It is because she remains at its very centre.

Fernando Marías, writer