Los nueve reinos / The Nine Kingdoms

Los nueve reinos / The Nine Kingdoms

Title: Los nueve reinos / The Nine Kingdoms
Genre: Historical novel
Publisher: Alfaguara (PRHGE)
Date of publication: May 2024
Pages: 576


By the award-winning author of THE GOOD FATHER, which captivated over 130,000 readers.

“It is better to die with dignity than to live enslaved”.

First century BC. After the mutiny on the ship in which they were being transported by the Romans, eighty African prisoners of war and their wives are swept by the currents to the island of Tenerife. For 1,500 years, their descendants created a civilisation there, isolated from the rest of the world, until the nine kingdoms that make up the Guanche territory became the target of the Catholic Monarchs. Blood will be spilled from north to south of the island in this great adventure that retraces betrayals, sacrifices and forbidden passions to tell the story of a warrior lineage led by the mencey Bencomo, king of kings, who fought to the end for his freedom.

Santiago Díaz presents an extraordinary account, never before told, of the Guanche resistance to the Crown of Castile, but also an astonishing chronicle of the Spain of the time through the eyes of a slave in search of her origins, the story of an impossible love and the portrait of a civilisation full of mysteries that eventually vanished forever.


On the Indira Ramos series:


Mikel Santiago

“Santiago Díaz manages to tear you up inside and make you unable to stop reading”.

César Pérez Gellida

“Santiago Díaz is an authoritative voice in noir”.

Ana Belén García Flores, RTVE

“Díaz is an expert in the alchemy of the thriller and manipulates and integrates its ingredients to perfection”.

Marina Sanmartín, ABC Cultural

“In recent years, Santiago Díaz has crafted a trilogy that will remain in the memory of noir genre lovers”.

Alberto Lardiés, Crónica Vasca

“One of the most interesting writers of the Spanish noir novel”.

Nicole Feldmann, Diario de Cádiz