Magokoro, The Letter of Haru’s Father

Magokoro, The Letter of Haru’s Father

Title: Magokoro, The Letter of Haru’s Father
Genre: Literary Novel
Publisher: La Catedral
Date of publication: February 2019
Pages: 152

The life of Osamu, master calligrapher, went by writing letters for other people. He wrote only one personal letter: to his daughter Haru. A letter that she kept unopened. She did not need to read it. He did not write it for her to be read.

“I know that you will not read this letter.  And I know with equal certainty that it is important for you to get it”.

A wonderful exercise in conveying the greatest of all sentiments: love.

Magokoro means to give with sincerity, without ambiguity or profit. To give from the kindness of one’s heart.

Magokoro is the only letter Haru receives from her father. A letter which will change your life.

To be Haru is to accept and to respect. To be Haru is to learn from one’s own mistakes and change for the better. To be Haru is to make dreams come true. Pure life. Her father’s doubts are reasonable. He does not know whether he has educated her well. Was sending her away from home a best option? There always comes the moment of stocktaking. It is inevitable. A calligrapher by profession, Haru’s father was as upright as were his letters. Was that necessary? He regrets that he has been so strict, that he has laughed so rarely. He himself recognizes that each (full)stop is a change. Of the rhythm, of the objective, of the road to take. He also admits in black and white that Haru was a very eager and impatient girl. Alive. Wanting to discover. Wanting to have the last word. Like the other books by Flavia Company, Magokoro is written from the heart. (Kokoro meaning heart in Japanese). It is pure poetry. A book to read and to reread. To have it on the night table. To learn it by heart in the end. There is not a word too many, nor are there too few. It is necessary to live each hour as if it were the last. Unreservedly. Cheerfully, with a smile. To know how to appreciate little things in life and stand tall. Do not hurt anybody. Love. It is the only way out. Life is death. Death is life. Simple and complicated at the same time.

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