Naufragos / Castaways

Naufragos / Castaways

Title: Naufragos / Castaways
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Editora Regional de Extremadura
Date of publication: 2015
Pages: 96

This yet unknown writer has written a psychological thriller worthy of an acclaimed author. To read carefully until the last page. Overwhelming, original, unexpected.

A young Spanish immigrant is sacked from work to which she devoted all her energies and thoughts. Shocked and distressed, she chances upon Emma in the sunny streets of San Francisco, an elderly vagabond whose personality will utterly fascinate her. Since then she will get to know the world of the homeless and will organize her life in the dangerous district of Tenderloin. She will learn to look into the eyes of those who have lost everything and will share with them what little she has got left. As her relationship with Emma becomes stronger, a series of deaths occur in the hostel where she does voluntary work. All apparently accidental but all have one unsettling component in common: all the victims are the people who have hurt their fellow creatures. Who and why wants to rid the world of the undesirable? A psychological thriller which gets to the bottom of a human being’s soul and where nothing is what it seems to be.


Finalist Premio Literario Felipe Trigo
Finalist “La Trama/Aragón Negro” de Ediciones B

The remarkable Castaways encompasses on its pages such topics as social inequality, physical abuse, violence, insanity or abandonment but we also find here also friendship, love and solidarity: the brutal aspects of our times moderated by certain humaneness. A disturbing account of a perfectly woven story until its final development, multi-dimensional and profound in the background structure leaves the reader in a reflexive mood and with the feeling of having read a good book, a very good book.

Carmen Forján