Ofensa al frío / Out in the cold

Ofensa al frío / Out in the cold

Title: Ofensa al frío / Out in the cold
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Planeta
Date of publication: February 2024
Pages: 468

A couple tied up to the past; an inspector with nothing to lose; a house they can’t escape from.

Ofensa al frío is a deeply engaging thriller, with surprising twists and a claustrophobic atmosphere that will delight the reader.

Alba and Miguel’s marriage was torn apart after losing what they loved most: their daughter.

The pain and guilt have caused them to no longer maintain any physical or emotional relationship, in fact, they barely speak to each other. They are two strangers who share the only thing that holds them together today, the house they live in.

But their lives are turned upside down when they become implicated in the murder of a man with whom Alba had an affair.

How to explain to Miranda Delgado, the homicide inspector in charge of the case, that the real killer has been dead for years? How to convince her to stop looking for a culprit when the victim could have put her on the trail to find her own missing son alive?