Tinta y Fuego / Paint and Fire

Tinta y Fuego / Paint and Fire

Title: Tinta y Fuego / Paint and Fire
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: NdN/Planeta
Date of publication: February 2024
Pages: 480

Will her passion help her find the lost library or will it make her take a wrong step?

Her reputation is at stake and so is her life.

Throughout the War, the Nazis carried out the largest cultural expropriation in history and ruthlessly looted libraries across Europe. Despite efforts to restore the damage caused, many of the stolen books are still unaccounted for today.

An action-packed, pulse-raising, addictive adventure story with a great twist at the end.

Greta is a renowned hunter of rare and valuable books, although her popularity has slumped due to the disappearance of a first edition of Borges that she was about to appraise. Weighed down by debts and the mistrust of those close to her, she accepts an unusual assignment: to find the library of the Fritz-Briones family, lost during the Second World War.

From Madrid to Cadiz, passing through Rome, Wroclaw and Berlin, and accompanied by a group of most peculiar characters, Greta will have to use all her ingenuity to find the stolen library. However, she soon discovers that she is not the only one who is after this collection and that there is much more to this affair than meets the eye.

It will be Berlin, where she will discover that the Nazis carried out the greatest book theft in history. She will also realize that someone is murdering bibliophiles, booksellers and collectors all over the world in an attempt to reconstruct the mythical Library of the Jewish Community of Rome, which was looted and hidden by the Third Reich.

Greta won’t be able to resist this twist in the investigation – what book lover would ignore the trail of the legendary collection? Little does it matter that her life may be in danger; what she doesn’t know is that this adventure will lead her to discover a truth about herself that she may not be prepared for.