Un lugar a donde ir / A Place to Go

Un lugar a donde ir / A Place to Go

Title: Un lugar a donde ir / A Place to Go
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Ediciones Destino (Grupo Planeta)
Date of publication: 2017
Pages: 520

The second novel of one of the most spectacular voices in the genre of Spanish thriller and acclaimed by over 200.000 readers again takes us by surprise with a narrative in which the criminal investigation is bound together with the family life of the main characters. A noir novel thought out as a miscellany of investigation, adventure, perception and reflexion on the role of motivation in the people’s life. Some months have passed since Suances, a small village on the Cantabrian coast witnessed several murders among its inhabitants. When life there seems to be back to normal, a dead body of a young girl appears in La Mota de Tres Palacios, a remote place with the ruins of a strange medieval structure. What surprises most, however, is not that the girl is dressed like a beautiful medieval princess but the object she is holding in her hands and the unexpected results of the autopsy. When even the most hardened sceptics consider taking an impossible journey into the past, there occur other murders in the area which seem to be connected with the death of the mysterious medieval lady. As Valentina Redondo and her team investigate the case, Oliver Gordon and his old friend since childhood, the musician Michael Blake will spare no effort to find the whereabouts of his brother Guillermo, who disappeared two years ago and he will discover that the truth is drawn with sharp and unpredictable contours.

An extraordinary journey in time. In A Place To Go the author gives the reader a lavish entertainment charged with intrigue and brain power.

La Nueva España - Tino Pertierra

And here comes María Oruña, unfolding her amazing facility to build labyrinths. Those complex plots, which she sees as puzzles, where the reader has to fit the pieces after having moved them several times. It’s all in a game.

El Correo Gallego - Giráldez

There are many strong points to this story. María Oruña goes a step further in the area of preliminary investigation, the drawing up of characters and the development of the story.

Libros y Literatura - César Malagón

Through the pages of this new novel María Oruña establishes her position in the literary world as a writer of great resource, empathic descriptive power and vivid imagination.

El Imparcial - Marta Rózpide