Vino y pólvora / Wine and gun powder

Vino y pólvora / Wine and gun powder

Title: Vino y pólvora / Wine and gun powder
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Editorial Anantes
Date of publication: 2017
Pages: 396

A high-ranking wine producer is found assassinated in his office. A Romanian girl from a group of immigrants working in his vineyards disappears without trace. Having received this information, the police officer Annika Kaunda has to interrupt her peaceful holidays in Naples and return to Spain to help solve the case. Her family decides to stay in Italy for a couple days. Bruno has discovered some clues concerning his past and does not want to leave until he gets to the bottom of it. Did his father die the way Bruno was always told? Who is really his enigmatic uncle Giacomo and what are his ties with Camorra?

In Martín Gijón we can find a kinship with the Mediterranean noir thriller, the Camillieris, the Márkaris, Andreu Martín, Eugenio Fuentes and an even closer relationship with Vázguez Montalbán. The author directs her attention at the dark sides of our society and alerts us to the corruption, the power and the servility.

Javier Moraes. Diario Público

The structure of the book reminds of that of the action films. Like the linking together of the animated stills so here various passages of the novel succeed each other moving quickly from one setting to another. Martín Gijón cleverly leads the readers through diverse plots, worked out with skilful share of suspense.

Manuel Pecellín. Diario Hoy.