Desde la eternidad / From the Eternity

Desde la eternidad / From the Eternity

Title: Desde la eternidad / From the Eternity
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Editorial Anantes
Date of publication: 2016
Pages: 324

Mérida, an old and quiet town becomes the front-page news because of two almost simultaneous crimes. The owner of a spa designed in Roman style is found stabbed in his thermal baths. And a high-ranking member of the regional government is seriously injured during a public engagement. There seems to be no connection whatsoever between the two but the police officer Annika Kaunda does not think so, especially after she discovers a baffling clue: the weapons used in both crimes may be almost two thousand years old.

The plot encompasses the past and its legacy, the present corrupt and dehumanizing, the venom of crime and unbridled avarice, frustration versus perseverance, relationships and broken ties, the misery of the self-centred and the fanatics and the kindness of those who in spite of everything show empathy and offer help to their fellow creatures without expecting anything in return.

Rafael Guerrero. Cita en la Glorieta

This novel is a clear example that it is possible to write a good story where the criminal plot becomes a way to expose the condemnation of social realism. Faultlessly narrated and free of digressions, it cleverly reveals the storyline and keeps up the pace of the plot from the beginning to the end.

Víctor Guerrero Cabanillas. Escritor.