La Nena / The Babe

La Nena / The Babe

Title: La Nena / The Babe
Genre: Crime novel
Publisher: PRHGE /Alfaguara
Date of publication: April 2020
Pages: 360
Rights sold: Polonia/Sonia Draga, Países Bajos/Xander, Czech&Slovak/Albatros Media, Russia/Sindbad, Francia/Actes sud, Sweden/Forum.

It is the end of the Chinese year and the Year of the Pig begins. Chesca has a date with Zarate but , in the very last moment, he  stands her up. In spite of that she goes out to have a good time. She meets a man and spends the night with him. In the morning, she can see three men standing around the bed and waiting to get a share in the feast. And she can smell  a disgusting odour of pigs.

Not having heard from her for the whole day, her colleagues from BAC begin to look for Chesca. They will get invaluable help from Elena Blanco, who, although not a member of the police force any longer, will not turn her back on her friend.

A real descent into hell for this group of investigators faced with a complicated, gruesome and action-packed plot.

Pilar Castro, El Cultural in El Mundo

In Spain addicted to the noir genre, Carmen Mola returns to the bookstores with a new cocktail of intrigue and blood. […] Set between city of Madrid and the countryside, La Nena, written in a direct, plain language, contains numerous scenes from the rural areas, dominated by inhumanely savage men.

EFE, The Objective

The pseudonym is a masque like any other and whoever hides behind it have their reasons. […] It does not matter whether it is man or woman. The quality of the novels has been demonstrated. And also the impact of having no face.

Antoni Lucas, El Mundo

The major editorial phenomenon in the Spanish noir genre, Carmen Mola continues disguising her identity and makes sure the events in the new book are shrouded in mystery.

Manu Piñón, Mujer Hoy