Las madres / The Mothers

Las madres / The Mothers

Title: Las madres / The Mothers
Genre: Thriller / Police procedural
Publisher: PRHGE / Alfaguara
Date of publication: September 2022
Pages: 360

Elena Blanco Series 4

Inspector Elena Blanco enters the Madrid Municipal Car Deposit, and approaches an old pick up which gives off a putrid smell. Inside there is the body of a man with a roughly sewn stitch from the pubic are up to the stomach. The first indications from the autopsy show that this drug addict had some of his organs removed and a foetus put in their place. The DNA analysis reveal it is the man’s biological son. Several days later, in the port of A Coruña appears the body of a tax adviser, killed in the same way. What is the relation between both victims? And where are the mothers of the babies. The Brigade of the Case Analysis opens the investigation again. While the relationship between Elena and Zarate gets more and more complicated, all the clues will direct them close to a mysterious organization: it seems that whoever gets in any kind of contact with them must die.

“Elena Blanco belongs in the best feminine protagonists I have observed in a long time as well as Madrid, streetwise and violent. Paco Cabezas,  showrunner of  La novia gitana TV adaptation.

“Who is Carmen Mola? Does it matter? Her novels captivate us by their overwhelming originality, make us want more, much more, when, horrified, we realize that we are on the last page.”

Jordi Llobregat, Director of the Valencia Negra Festival

“From the very first page, Carmen Mola, whoever she is, proves to have her own voice and be it noir or any other genre it means a lot. Perhaps it is half of the success. Or more.”

Lorenzo Silva, Director of the Getafe Negro Festival

“The noir novel either mutates or insulates itself. Carmen Mola is a mutating writer. The bad thing about her is that you cannot invite her to a festival.”

Carlos Zanon, Director of BCNegra Festival