Nel mare del tempo / In the Sea of Time

Nel mare del tempo / In the Sea of Time

Title: Nel mare del tempo / In the Sea of Time
Genre: Mistery Thriller / Serie K
Publisher: Giunti
Date of publication: September 2014
Pages: 576

A manageress and a heretic, two women chosen by fate to defeat time. A collector obsessed with the truth.  A underground passage which guards a mighty secret.

A year after the solution of the archaeological intrigue which put the life of Katherine Sinclaire at risk, the nightmare she was hoping to have escaped from is back in the form of an enemy beyond suspicion. During the presentation of her first novel, a man kills himself just in front of her after having thrown at her an antique ring with two names engraved on it. Exhausted after a series of homicides and tormented by five enigmatic books, Katherine will again become trapped in a bloody treasure hunt that will put her on the trail of Angelica, a mysterious woman who lived in the Middle Ages. Following her portraits, Katherine will reach underground passages used by retreating heretics and built by an expert strategist to safeguard one of the most phenomenal secrets in history. During an arduous trip from Brittany, the land of the tides, to the pre-alpine hideouts of Fra Dolcino, Katherine will realize that she is bound to her with an invisible but a very strong thread… stronger than the fate that will lead her to a point of no return.

In her precise style Elisabetta Cametti has created a thriller which takes us on a trip at the pace that takes our breath away

Diva e Donna

Among the titles best loved by the readers, K-In the Sea of Time, the second mystery thriller by Elisabetta Cametti, comparable to The Da Vinci Code, wins the hearts and the attention until the denouement in spite of its 500 pages


Katherine Sinclaire represents many universal values, such as integrity, self-confidence or intellectual honesty and she fights against manifestations of ignorance, that is the wickedness and the envy. Katherine never stops dreaming: her strength makes possible what seems to be impossible.