The Medallion of Hiram

The Medallion of Hiram

Title: The Medallion of Hiram
Genre: Historical thriller
Publisher: Plaza&Janés (PRHGE)
Date of publication: October 2021
Pages: 608
Rights sold: Poland / Rebis

An ancient relic that will mark the course of History.

A fast-paced search across Europe.

The protagonists of The Astroleger return.

Madrid, today. Ana García-Brest, the art expert, receives a call from Martin, the young and mysterious treasure hunter whom she briefly met during the search for The Astrologer. An Italian tycoon has been assassinated and another powerful treasure is in danger: The Medallion of Hiram, a magical relic that belonged to the architect of the Temple of Solomon. No one knows the exact whereabouts of the piece and Martin needs Ana’s help to find it. Both they will undertake a frenetic search throughout Europe facing infinite dangers, because in no time they will discover that they are not the only ones who want to get the treasure.

Berlin, 1945. In the throes of World War II, the destinies of four people are about to cross with unforeseen consequences for Hiram’s Medallion: a bloodthirsty Nazi who tracks down a ruined Berlin with an obsession to get hold of the medallion; a young Spanish student of architecture, who is involved in an unsuspected intrigue; a German engineer who is in the crosshairs of the Russian intelligence service, and a Soviet army sniper who keeps an important secret.

Are you ready to discover the secret of the The Medallion?