Tierra Feroz / Ferocious Land

Tierra Feroz / Ferocious Land

Title: Tierra Feroz / Ferocious Land
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Espasa
Date of publication: January 2025

The death of Dani Sorribes’ mother leaves him an orphan at the age of thirteen.

His guardianship falls on Berta Miralles, a social educator who turns to Dani, recognizing in the boy’s ordeal the ordeal that resembles her own.

Berta’s insistence manages to get him to be taken in by Alicia, a relative living frightened by a tragedy of the past. This forces Dani to flee from her to a decaying village in the Asturian mining basin, the cradle of his mother’s roots. A town emptied and divided between those who wish to leave and sell the land and those who wish to stay and honor her memory, condemned by a curse buried in the bowels of the mine.

And while Dani seeks to settle down, part of the town rejects his presence, fearful that he will revive that buried terror. A specter, a man, a monster; none of the three and all at the same time, threatening to return and devastate all those who dwell in that ferocious land.