Blanco Inmaculado / Virgin White

Blanco Inmaculado / Virgin White

Title: Blanco Inmaculado / Virgin White
Genre: Police procedural
Publisher: Plaza & Janés / PRHGE
Date of publication: 2023
Pages: 450

They are a clannish community, a group of people who escape from the consumer society. For the Fritz Family there is only one word: a sect.

The situation becomes complicated when, after a fire which broke out in one of the houses they occupy, the firefighters find a gagged body of a 14-year-old girl.

The Crime Department in the Ertzaitza police station in Irún will have to cope with the impenetrability of the family’s members and the strict norms they refuse to violate.

The police office Lur de las Heras, handicapped by an affliction she has been suffering from for years, will be helped in the investigation by a patrolwoman, Maddi Blasco. Two sensitive women will try to win the confidence of the community members in order to find out who is guilty of the murder. Two sensitive women who do not know that the blood of the Fritz’ will be shed again thus making them witnesses of how the rigid convictions of the family members fall apart.